Some snap shots in Manila

San Agustin Church, and Manila Cathedral. The walled “city” is a breath of fresh air and rather peaceful escape in a busy bustling city such as Manila. The Rizal memorial museum was closed for renovations, but it is still nice to walk around the park, and the fortress walls. It also gives you chance to get “up close” to the Pasig River. Although I’m not sure how close you would really want to get to it given the trash and colour of the polluted water. It doesn’t seem to stop some of the local kids though who could be spotted on the opposite bank swimming in the filfthy water. They must have cast iron stomachs and immune systems!

Overall I was quite impressed with the quality of the images the Canon EOS 70D takes with the standard 18-55mm kit lens. I did find though for urban street photography a longer lens would be better to be able to get closer to subjects without being too intrusive. Something I’m always quite self conscious of when I’m photographing people on the streets. I saw chances for many great shots but was a little shy to poke the camera too close!

Three Warriors
Morning Boxing
Arnis Practice
Street girl
Street kids playing
Manila Vegetable Delivery
Street cat in Intramuros
Staring street cat
San Agustin Church
Intramuros Wedding
Manila Cathedral